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water + wheat and olive oil derived natural emulsifying waxes + hydrolyzed corn protein (and) hydrolyzed wheat protein (and) hydrolyzed soy protein + aloe vera juice + coffee extract + caffeine + jojoba oil + argan oil + capric triglyceride + provitamin B5 + AHA (bilberry extract, sugar cane extract, sweet orange extract, lemon extract, maple extract) + BHA (willow bark extract / plant-derived salicylic acid) + glycerin + sodium gluconate (natural stabilizer) + lemon peel essential oil + rosemary essential oil + Stabil (preservative for natural and organic cosmetics) + trace amount of other Ecocert approved preservatives

Silk is an ultra mild botanical conditioner that moisturizes, nourishes and brings volume to your hair. It is a very light lotion that helps detangle the hair and reduces static electricity arising during the hair wash.Hair conditioning with Silk occurs due to precious wheat and olive oil derived natural emulsifying waxes, while the luxurious oils of argan and jojoba deeply nourish the hair without leaving excess oiliness. Silk also includes aloe vera juice for extra moisture, as well as caffeine and coffee extracts that are natural actives stimulating the scalp. Moreover, Silk contains hydrolyzed plant proteins for hair’s strength; provitamin B5 for the ultra shine; and plant-derived acids (AHA and

BHA) for the maximum hair softness. The acids also help regulate the PH of the scalp, helping those suffering from dandruff and sebum imbalance. Finally, Silk is enriched with lemon and rosemary essential oils bringing freshness and strength both to the hair and the scalp.

How to use: Apply small amount to clean wet hair; massage gently. Let sit for 1-5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. For best results use with Bubbles, mild botanical shampoo. Avoid contact with the eyes.

* Our hair products do not contain sulphates, silicones or parabens. In particular, natural conditioners lack artificial surfactants that increase product’s spreadability. With Silk you should expect less glide comparing to commercial hair conditioners, which nevertheless does not impair product’s effectiveness: Slowly work a small amount of Silk through your hair with water until maximum surface is covered.



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